10 Things We Learnt From The Tube Driver Reddit AMA

By Holly Brockwell on at

We love a good Reddit AMA (that's Ask Me Anything for the non-Redditors among you) -- a tradition where people with interesting jobs or experiences post a thread and people can, as you might have guessed, ask them anything.

A London Underground driver posted one yesterday, and to save you mining the very long thread for gold yourself, we've compiled the most interesting tidbits here.

1. There's been a successful trial of 4G on the tube

Just as we're about to get 5G, the tube catches up to 4G! Seriously though this is great news, it's really annoying only being able to get WiFi signal in the platforms.

2. There are secret driver toilets at some stations

And you might have had to wait on a stopped train while a driver went for an urgent poo upstairs.

Fair enough really.

3. There's a secret list of people who are allowed to ride up front with the driver

But it probably doesn't include you. Sorry.

4. Tube drivers do not appreciate you sticking your hand out

You're not the first person to think of it. You're probably not even the first person to think of it today.

5. There's a police-branded fire engine for lifting trains off people

Here's what it looks like.

6. There are tricks to not falling asleep while driving the tube

You're not allowed any kind of electronic device up front with you, so you can't even listen to music.

7. The "three suicides and you're out" thing isn't true

The movie is 'Three And Out' starring Mackenzie Crook, aka Gareth from The Office.

8. You do get paid leave though

More than fair enough.

9. That ominous 'Inspector Sands' announcement usually means someone's messed up their breakfast

It could be something much scarier, of course, but it's usually not.

10. It's really, really hard to get into

Yes, it pays well, and yes, you get free travel, but it's a really hard job that's not for most people.

And those wages aren't as inflated as you might imagine:

Yep, even the ones on over £100k:

The AMA is still going at the time of writing, and there's loads of Underground gold to be found in the comments. Read it here.

Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash