Twitter Will Once Again Tell iPhone Users What People Tweeted From

By Holly Brockwell on at

Bad news for marketing agencies: Twitter has brought back the ability to see where a tweet was sent from, allowing client-policing shenanigans to begin anew.

Remember back in 2013 when BlackBerry Creative Director Alicia Keys tweeted from her iPhone?

Well, Android users have been gleefully checking the clients on various other tweets since the feature returned to their phones earlier this year, with tech YouTube legend Marques Brownlee leading the charge.

He's busted Samsung tweeting from iPhones multiple times:

And even the reverse, surprisingly:

Jack Dorsey's announcement of the feature's return was typically verbose:

People on clients like Tweetdeck have been able to see tweet sources all along, of course, but with most people using the official apps, this'll make a big difference to who can check a brand's money is where its mouth is, or find out whether their favourite C-list celeb is an iPhone or an Android type.

If you don't have it on iOS yet, it's apparently a staged rollout (although also check you don't just need to update the app), so you'll be able to join in the policing fun before long. Use your new powers for good, padawans.

Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash