Walkers' Crisp Packet Recycling Bin Network is Live so Lay Off Gary Lineker on Twitter

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Walkers crisps recycling nightmare is over! The crisp maker, in association with recycler Terracycle, has officially opened a nationwide-ish network of recycling drop off points where your embarrassingly huge bin liner full of all the crisps packets you've eaten out of can be returned, which should be easier then putting them in the post.

These aren't public bins as such, as then they'd get full of wrong things like cans and freezer bags of dog shit because you know what people are like. Instead, they're based predominantly in small businesses and shops, with a fair few primary schools getting in on the action too, and the latter group using it as important learning material about caring for the planet and, hopefully, a warning not to only eat crisps else they'll grow up wrong.

There's a map of recycling drop-off points if you want to do the right thing, plus Terracycle's looking for more people to get involved and open up their own crisp packet drop off points, with the promise that those who do so can nominate a charity to receive a payment as thanks. Plus they also, unofficially, get to lick out all the returned bags. [Terracycle]