Want Amazon Orders to Arrive Before Christmas? Tomorrow's the Last Day Delivery Will be Free

By Tom Pritchard on at

Christmas is fast approaching, and there will be people out there who haven't bought any of their presents yet. Even though it's on the same day every year there are still people who put it off until the very last minute, for reasons known only to them. Well if you plan on ordering from Amazon you'll have to pick up the pace, because tomorrow's the last day you can opt for free delivery and still get your stuff in time for Christmas.


Standard delivery ranges from 99p (for very small, thin orders) all the way up to £5, while One day delivery costs a flat rate of £6. Unless you have Amazon Prime, obviously, in which case your subscription fee covers that cost. Amazon has also pointed out that there are time restrictions on some orders, so ordering at 11pm tomorrow night probably won't arrive before Christmas Day. So do your shopping sooner rather than later.

Unless, of course, you live in a Prime Now area. If you're willing to pay the fees to have your stuff arrive on the day you can, but you'll need a Prime account and have a limited amount of stock to go with it. You'd be better off going to a physical shop, because you know the delivery person won't fall so far behind with the mountain of orders they've been saddled with that they can't get them all done.

In other words if you haven't done your shopping, do it now. You only have yourself to blame if stuff doesn't arrive until the 28th.