Here's How To Use Your Waste Christmas Cardboard For Free Phone Accessories

By Holly Brockwell on at

Apparently us Brits go through 300,000 tonnes of cardboard over the Christmas period, and while putting it in the recycling bin is cool and all, reusing it yourself is even better.

To that end, have come up with some easy tutorials to turn spare bits of cardboard into useful phone accessories.

There are four options, and they'd make great projects to do with kids in the Boxing Day lull.

Selfie tripod

A sturdy stand for your phone that keeps it still and well-angled while you pose for a self-timed selfie. Guaranteed hit with teens.

Smartphone speaker

An easy way to amplify your paltry phone speakers, plus an opportunity to talk to your kids about the science of sound.

Charging cradle

This one's clearly designed for iPhones, so it might not work so well if your charging plug isn't shaped like a house. Still, you can always modify the template if you're feeling creative.

Plate holder

This one's designed for watching stuff while you eat. You place the plate on the long bit at the front, but honestly that seems a bit precarious and unnecessary to us. You'd probably be better off putting your phone on the selfie tripod and your plate on the table.

Explaining the thinking behind the range, Andrew Cartledge, Mobile Expert at, said:

"We decided to launch this series of downloadable cardboard templates to give people a set of creative smartphone accessories at no cost, whilst having fun constructing them during the festive period.

The kits are really fun to create and people can build them alone, or with family and friends. It’s the perfect way to reuse all that empty Christmas present packaging!"

The templates and gif-based instructions are online here if you want to give them a go.