Watch The 12 Days of Gaming Christmas... From the 90s

By James O Malley on at

This might shock some of our younger readers, but back in the 90s there was no YouTube. For gamers this was a dark time, as it meant there wasn't really anything to watch about our beloved medium. No PewDiePie screaming and inexplicably clocking up millions of views, no home-crafted documentaries on obscure JRPGs, and definitely no 4-hour-long live streams of people playing train simulator.

There was one, small oasis however: CITV's Bad Influence. And brilliantly, co-presenter Violet Berlin has this morning reminded the world of what we dare say is a slightly awkward cover of the 12 Days of Christmas. Check it out below and marvel at what was cutting edge tech back in 1994: Infra-red mice, Lemmings and the notorious Power Glove. And who knew that at one point you could buy a TV with a built in Super Nintendo? (A later Google reveals it to be the Super Famicom Naizou TV SF1).

Check out the full video below, and admire Violet and her co-presenter Andy Crane's commitment to the performance.