What NOT To Buy A Lego Lover For Christmas

By Kim Snaith on at

Got a Lego-loving friend or family member that you need to buy a Christmas present for? Struggling to know exactly what to buy them? Well, don’t! Your AFOL loved one – that’s “adult fan of Lego” – is super easy to please. As long as you follow these easy dos and don’ts, that is.

Don’t cheap out. Sure, Lego is expensive, but don’t be sucked in by – shudders – Mega Bloks or Oxford. Just because they’re stocked in your local toy store doesn’t mean they’re acceptable to your Lego-inclined friend. To the untrained eye it might look the same. After all, a plastic block is a plastic block, right? No. It’s not. And if they seem the same to you, just accept that you’re wrong. You wouldn’t buy a snooty wine connoisseur a box of Tesco Value wine would you? Exactly. Consider your friend to be a snooty plastic brick connoisseur. Only the real thing will do.

Do buy your friend or loved one some genuine Lego. How about this Turbo Track Racer, that also makes a forklift truck and an F1 car?

Don’t fall for the phrase “compatible with leading brands”. In fact, if a product resembling Lego has “compatible with leading brands” or something similar printed on the box, just throw that crap straight back down on the shelf. Let that wording be a warning to you: this item will make your Lego-loving friend sad. Very sad. You don’t want to make them cry at Christmas, do you? I didn’t think so.

Do buy your friend or loved one some genuine Lego. How about this Ford Mustang Speed Champions car? It's only £12.99 - you don't even need to break the bank to make 'em smile.

Don’t venture onto those dodgy-looking Chinese websites. Okay, they may advertise that they have that £350 Lego Hogwarts Castle for an eighth of the price, but don’t fall for it. It’s not the real thing. It may look the same to you. But it won’t to your Lego-adoring chum. That initial joy of receiving a large box with that unmistakable Lego rattle will soon come crashing down when they unwrap it to be met with a bunch of Chinese letters and a logo that’s very clearly not Lego. You’re a bad friend. Don’t be a bad friend.

Do buy your friend or loved one some genuine Lego. How about the actual Lego Hogwarts Castle? It’s super expensive but your friend will seriously be in your debt for a long time. Use this to your advantage.

Don’t be drawn in by familiar franchises. Lego isn’t the only block brand to partner with third parties – Mega Bloks has stuff like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Halo. This still doesn’t make it okay. If your friend loves both Halo and Lego, trust us - they love Lego more. No amount of love for Halo will make them enthusiastic about Mega Bloks.

[Editor's Note: As someone who loves Halo and Lego, I can confirm this is true. Mega Bloks are lame]

Do buy your friend or loved one some genuine Lego. How about some Star Wars Lego or a Marvel Super Heroes set? We love this Batmobile from the Lego Batman Movie.

Don’t buy used Lego from eBay that’s already been built up. “It’s already made, so that’s a bonus!” some clueless person might think. Don’t be that clueless person. Sure, your Lego-fond friend might like to display their sets once they’re completed, but that’s just a bonus; the display isn’t the whole point of the Lego set. Building it is. The whole point of a box of chocolates is to eat it. You wouldn’t buy someone an empty box of chocolates would you?

Do buy your friend or loved one some genuine, unbuilt Lego. How about VOLTRON? Yeah, you should buy them Voltron! One that hasn't already been built up, of course.

Don’t assume that just because your Lego-enjoying buddy likes building with plastic bricks, they’ll also enjoy building other stuff, too. The Lego section of a toy shop will probably be near other creative construction toys. Be wary of these things. Just because your friend spent two hours telling you all about that propeller plane they built out of Lego doesn’t mean they’ll get the same enjoyment out of building a Revell real-scale Airbus A380. They might, but it’s a whole other kettle of fish.

Do buy your friend or loved one some genuine Lego, the only construction toy they truly care about. How about this scene from Jurassic Park? Who doesn't love Jurassic Park?

Don’t think that just because it has that all-important Lego logo on it that they’ll actually want it. Don’t buy your 26-year old male friend a Lego Friends set, for crying out loud. Sure, it might be a nice-looking tree house. But they don’t want it. Nor do they want that Lego Juniors Pixar Cars set. They especially don’t want a basic box of Lego Classic bricks. Unless your Lego-liking compatriot is actually under the age of seven, don’t buy them a bog-standard brick box. It doesn’t matter how good value 500 pieces for 15 quid seems. Don’t do it.

Do buy your friend or loved one some genuine Lego that makes up a cool-looking model. It doesn’t matter that the cost-per-brick is waaay more than the Classic box. Just don’t think about it. How about the super-cool Downtown Diner?

Featured image: Unsplash

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