Specific Cheltenham Street Singled Out As Worst Broadband In The UK

By Holly Brockwell on at

Greenmeadows Park in Bamfurlong, Gloucestershire is officially the slowest street for broadband in the whole country.

A slightly mean report from uSwitch singles out the Cheltenham street for having broadband almost 2,000 times slower than the fastest street in the UK, which is named as Abdon Avenue in Birmingham. The former averages 0.14Mbps down, while Abdon Ave gets 265.89Mbps. The UK average is apparently 46.2Mbps.

We have to say, Abdon Avenue doesn't quite fulfil our mental image of a tech hub:

But it's nice to see somewhere other than London is fastest.

The list of the fastest locations is dominated by the south, though, with five of the speediest streets found in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Wiltshire. Meanwhile the slow list is very northern, including Manchester, Merseyside, Yorkshire and Scotland (as a whole, apparently).

The difference in speeds makes an enormous difference in the time taken to get anything done. Says uSwitch:

In Greenmeadows Park it would take more than 102 hours to download a two-hour HD film on Netflix and at least 38 hours to download a 45-minute HD TV show. By contrast, on Abdon Avenue it would take less than four minutes to download the same film and just 72 seconds to download the same TV show.

102 hours for a 2-hour Netflix film? You could make a new one faster than that.

Here's the naughty list in full:

And the nice list:

The research was based on about 280,000 real-world speed tests run by broadband users themselves over the last year. The results showed that over a quarter of us (26.3%) get less than 10Mbps download speed on average, with 13.3% getting less than half that.

On the bright side, 31% get over 30Mbps, up from 22% three years ago. Honestly though, before that figure gets anywhere near saturation point, we'll all have replaced our broadband with 5G.

Street images courtesy of Google Maps.