Xiaomi Has a 48 Megapixel Camera Phone Coming Out In January

By Holly Brockwell on at

We've only just got Xiaomi on these shores, but the Chinese megabrand is always doing outlandish things – like releasing ridiculously cheap AirPods rivals or attracting the attention of the ASA for a slightly dodgy £1 smartphone promo – and the latest is apparently a phone with a stonking 48 megapixels of camera goodness.

As ever with this kind of thing, the phone was announced on Weibo by company president Lin Bin (excellent name).

(We've Google Translated the post so it's slightly shonky but good enough to know what he's saying).

The focus in the image is of course the words "48MP camera." We suspect Bin was being a little understated when he said it's "not bad"!

For context, this would be the first phone we've seen in the world with a 48MP camera. As Engadget points out, Samsung and Sony both unveiled 48MP camera sensors earlier this year, so chances are it uses one of those.

We have literally zero other details about the phone: we don't know its name, what other features it might have, how much it's going to cost or really anything other than a tiny sliver of handset and the megapixel count. It does look like the lens housing is quite chunky though:

Maybe people still hanging onto their 41-megapixel Nokia Lumia 1020 will finally make the switch when this one goes on sale. We'll find out in the new year.