Xiaomi Told That 10 Cheap Phones Does Not a Flash Sale Make

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Advertising Standards Authority has shamed mobile upstart Xiaomi for offering just 10 phones to the public in a recent flash sale, as it wasn't made particularly clear that only 10 mobiles would be included; so a load of men crashed a web site for nothing.

Complaints were lodged with the ASA over the deal, which said it received 24 complaints about the way the £1 UK launch sale was handled. The ASA has done the usual, useless, after-the-event thing it does, in asking Xiaomi not to do it again, or at least to make it a little clearer how infinitesimally small the chance of victory might be in future flash sales.

The authority said: "...we instructed Xiaomi to ensure that in future promotions they make a reasonable estimate of the likely response to a promotion and that they are either capable of meeting the likely response or provide consumers with sufficient information -- presented clearly and in a timely fashion -- for them to make an informed decision on whether or not to participate."

So next time there might be some small print. White text on a white background. Font size 1. Hidden under an advert. We'll probably all still try though, that's the saddest part. [BBC]