Yorkshire Tea's Getting Grief Because its New Biodegradable Tea Bags are Splitting Open

By Tom Pritchard on at

Yorkshire Tea is usually considered some of the best stuff by casual tea connoisseurs, so it's welcome news to hear that the company has moved into the business of biodegradable teabags - because shockingly most tea bags aren't. The problem is people are now complaining their bags are splitting open on them, which shows you can never please everyone.

In fairness having a tea bag split on you can't be the most pleasant experience in the world, though I wonder how many of these cases are down to people who are used to sturdier teabags that can take a bit more abuse. I wouldn't know, because I don't like tea and don't drink the stuff as a result. Still it's happening enough that you can see some of the grief the company's social media person is getting without trying too hard.

Yorkshire Tea has released a blog post about the "misbehaving tea bags", explaining why things have suddenly changed and emphasising the fact that only a small number of people have been affected. The change has come as a result of the new tea bag design, which uses biodegradable plant-based plastics rather than the oil-based stuff that hangs around for centuries and clogs up the sea. They've promised to keep tweaking the design to reduce the amount of times this happens.

In the meantime try and be a bit more careful with your bags, lest you end up with a bunch of tea dregs sitting at the bottom of your mug. [Metro]