£10k White Creme Egg Promotion Will Lead To Unwrapped Eggs In Shops

By Holly Brockwell on at

Cadbury has brought back its white creme egg promotion from last year, and upped the top prize to £10,000.

This is not good for Creme Egg fans. Why? Because people are terrible and won't actually buy the eggs to find out if they're white or not – they'll just scrape off the foil with their manky fingernails to see the colour of the chocolate underneath. Which means a lot of the Creme Eggs in shops will be pre-fingered by one or several randoms, who may or may not have washed their hands since they last had a poo. And then you'll put the poo egg in your mouth.


During last year's competition, a shop worker was quoted as saying:

"The down side to this white Creme Egg thing is that some f***** came in to work today and opened every single f****** creme egg in the shop."

Staff at one shop were also seen unwrapping the eggs themselves before re-wrapping them and putting them on sale, and even multipacks were torn open in the frenzy.

As LadBible (sorry) points out, there is a way to determine if it's a winning egg without opening the foil: the white chocolate is listed in the ingredients. BUT the ingredients are basically impossible to read on Creme Egg packaging because they're all scrunched up with the foil -- how many times have you watched a hapless checkout assistant trying to flatten out the foil so the barcode will scan? Exactly.

Even if you do find a white egg, it's not an instant £10k for you. There'll be 783 white eggs across the country (great odds, then), and here's how that breaks down in terms of prizes:

  • 7 eggs worth £10,000
  • 18 eggs worth £1,000
  • 55 eggs worth £100
  • 592 eggs worth £50

Stats fans will be interested to know that those (very random) numbers mean if you do find a white egg, there's an 85% chance you're not getting the top prize. Totally worth eating a poo egg for.

Cadbury is splitting the £10k eggs equally between retailers, with Tesco, Morrisons, Co-Op, Asda, One Stop and M&S getting one each, and one shared between independents. They'll also each have a selection of the lower winning eggs.

The hunt is on from the 14th of January until the 21st of May, and is sure to ruin Creme Eggs for everyone. Good going, Cadbury.