A Tipsy Wedding Guest Gains Some Very Wild Superpowers in This Funny Short

By Cheryl Eddy on at

Who among us hasn’t had some kind of teary meltdown or earth-shattering epiphany at a wedding...especially during the reception, when one’s emotions can start flowing like free booze? Patrick Muhlberger’s The Katy Universe one-ups that experience by adding superpowers into the mix.

Filtered as a drunken phone call to an ex-boyfriend, The Katy Universe follows our wobbly protagonist (an endearing Mary Holland) as she recounts the moment she realised, mid-choreographed dance routine alongside all the other bridesmaids, that “I am a speck, on a speck, on a timeline that stretches on forever.” That mind-warping realisation – along with several gin and tonics, gallons of millennial single-gal frustration, and just a few toots of cocaine – translates into a manifestation of powers that would make Carrie White envious.

Or does it?

Truly, it’s a supervillain origin story that could only exist in the Instagram era, and it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “wedding crasher.” [Short of the Week]