Aldi's Launching Realistic-Looking Vegan Burgers

By Tom Pritchard on at

Being vegan is in now. While there are still those insufferable vegan snobs in the world (like a certain animal rights organisation), ditching animal-based food for vegetables is a cool thing to do. It's to the point where every company around has realised they can cash in on that market with vegan-friendly food. Now Aldi is joining them all, with new burgers that are meant to look like actual beef.

Ok you can tell from the picture that it does not look exactly like a beef burger, but its close enough. They're made from soya, like many meat alternatives seem to be, with some added beetroot for colour and that 'bleeding' effect vegan burgers are starting to adopt. They're also supposed to taste like beef, though I'm a little bit sceptical of that claim. It may taste similar, but like Gregg's vegan sausage roll you I'm assuming you can still tell that it's not animal.

Aldi has apparently spent the past year developing the burgers, with the goal of recreating the same smokey taste you get with actual beef. Whether they're a success or not has yet to be seen, so you'll have to go down to Aldi and pick up a pack to try. They're £2.49 for two, and because they don't seem to be a Special Buy yo don't need to worry about them disappearing anytime soon.

If you're not into plant food, well head to Aldi anyway because the supermarket has also announced it's bringing back the 16oz 'Big Daddy' steak tomorrow (24th Jan). This is a Special Buy, and will only be available for £4.99 while stocks last.