Amazon Pantry is Now Way Less Confusing

By Holly Brockwell on at

Amazon has so many delivery services and products that it's getting quite hard to keep track. Out of all of them, we've always been most baffled by Amazon Pantry, a convoluted offering that we're not convinced many people actually use.

So when we got an email announcing a change to Pantry, we half-expected it'd be an admission of defeat, that the service was being 'sunsetted' like something bought out by Yahoo.

Not so, though: the changes are intended to simplify the service, presumably because lots of people were as confused as us about how it all works. Here's the new system:

  • Simplified delivery fee structure: You can now order as much as you like for a flat £3.99 delivery fee, and can continue to benefit from the free delivery programme.
  • £4 discount: We have introduced a £4 discount for customers who spend £90 or more in an Amazon Pantry order.
  • Minimum order value: A minimum order value of £15 will apply to all orders.

The delivery fee still applies if you have Amazon Prime, but not if you buy four of these really specific items and meet the £15 minimum. Also, you get a £4 discount over £90 unless you're buying painkillers or baby formula. Still a bit confusing, then.

Pantry seems to be one of the ways Amazon tries to maximise revenue from selling cheap, small bits and bobs that you might otherwise pick up at a supermarket. The company was recently caught referring to such products as 'CRaP,' which apparently stands for Can't Realise A Profit.

Stuff you order through Pantry gets delivered separately to normal Amazon orders, and unlike services like Prime Now, it's available throughout the UK and the Channel Islands.