Amazon Is Testing Its Cutie-Pie Delivery Robot, Scout

By Holly Brockwell on at

It's adorable robot day today, it seems – and we are good with that.

The latest cutebot news is that Amazon has started testing its Scout delivery robot in the US. Six of the little guys will be making test deliveries in the improbably-named Snohomish County in Washington.

They can drive themselves, but an Amazon employee will follow each one to make sure no one tries to mess with it. Robot Escort -- where do we apply for that job? Wait, best not Google that term.

Scout is apparently not particularly fast, but it doesn't need breaks like a human deliveryperson, so it can keep going 'til it's time to recharge. Ubergizmo says it'll be particularly handy for 'last mile' deliveries, whereby a person in a van will take the packages most of the way and then dispatch a Scout troop (new meaning for that term) to take the packages to the actual houses.

We're curious to know how Amazon will be checking that the person receiving the delivery is the person who ordered and paid for it, especially after the doorstep delivery thievery we've seen lately. What's to stop an opportunistic passerby jumping in front of your door and accepting the goods?

We'll find out the answers to those questions if the trial's successful, and hopefully we'll see little Scouts on these shores before too long. Before they all get chucked in the Thames by urchins, obvs.