Another Lego Movie 2 Set is on the Way, With the 1,820 Piece 'Rexcelsior' Spaceship

By Tom Pritchard on at

We saw plenty of new Lego sets, designed to tie into The Lego Movie 2, towards the end of last year, showing off some of the things we should expect to see in the film. Since then we saw the announcement and pre-release of 'Welcome to Apocalypseberg', and today Lego announced a brand new set at London Toy Fair. It's called the Rexcelsior, and yes it's yet another ship for the spacefaring raptor trainer Rex Dangervest (played by Chris Pratt).

The new set is Rex's main ship, which means it's a big one. 1,820 pieces to be exact, measuring  7” (19cm) high, 15” (40cm) long, and 8” (21cm) wide. The size also means it'll come with a £140 pricetag attached when it's released sometime this summer. But as any Lego fan knows, collecting isn't cheap.

Inside you get two Chris Pratts for the price of one, with both Emmet and Rex mini and micro figures, plus a selection of micro raptors that make up Rex's crew. The ship itself has missile-firing capabilities, and because it's supposed to be *massive* there are multiple microbuilds for you to enjoy. Builds that include a teeny-tiny version of Emmet's rocket house, which should give you a better sense of scale. There are micro-scale areas on the inside of the ship, too, including the bridge, cargo bay, and a skate park.

There's no word on when in summer this set will arrive, or whether it'll be joined by other Lego Movie 2 sets, but hopefully we shouldn't have to wait too long.