Audi Launches Short-Term Car Rentals if You Want to Feel Hated For a Little While

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you fancy being hated for as few as 30 minutes, a trip to your local Audi dealer will sort that out, as the carmaker has launched a direct-to-the-people car rental scheme where you can book an Audi through an app then drive away to face a sea of scowls.

The initial idea was to have a concierge service drop the car off for you and pick it up when you're done for an extra being-like-a-celebrity feel, but that's been asterisked-out on the Audi On Demand website at the moment. What you can do, though, is book a car through one of eight UK dealerships currently taking part and they'll sort the insurance, vacuum it out for you, probably give you a warning about not scratching it up, and let you drive it away.

You have to be at least 21 if you want to pretend to be rich for between 30 minutes and 28 days, with some of the more powerful cars in the higher insurance brackets demanding the potential driver is at least 25. Cost isn't mentioned, but if you have to ask... you're better off getting a Fiat 500 from the Europcar nextdoor. [Audi on Demand via Autocar]