New Bitcoin Scam Takes You To A Fake BBC News Page

By Holly Brockwell on at

Quite a crafty one, this – someone was expecting an invoice from their building company, and received a blank email from them. The email had been coded to only show a 'display message' button, which the person unthinkingly clicked to see the invoice.

Instead, the link redirected them to a login page, which tipped them off and they closed the browser window unharmed. But for other people, including My Online Security who investigated the scam, clicking the same link brought up a fake BBC News page:

Image: My Online Security

At a glance, it looks real, and the URL was pretty convincing to the untrained eye, too.

Of course, those of us familiar with Bitcoin scams and the world in general can easily see that this isn't the real BBC, and that said paragon of British news wouldn't be running a pushy Bitcoin story that counted down to 'positions filling up' at the bottom.

The website generates Bitcoin based on page views, so just going to this page was enough to earn the scammers a little bit of cash. Beyond that, the site tried to trick people into signing up for their own Bitcoin-mining scheme, which presumably would have made the scammer even more.

The site was hosted by Cloudflare, which responded quickly to add a scam warning. We doubt any of our savvy readers would be taken in by something like this, but plenty of people would be, so keep warning your friends and family about online scams and keep your eyes open for new ways they try to get you.

One day, all scammers will be tipped into a volcano by the supreme justice of the universe, but sadly that day is not today. [TheNextWeb]