Behold, The Places With The Worst Broadband In Britain

By Holly Brockwell on at

It's 2019, and there are still places in the UK where broadband is too slow to use Netflix.

A new report from Which? shows that there are more of them than you might think, including Tunbridge Wells, Canterbury and even some parts of central London.

However, unsurprisingly, the worst areas on average were rural Scotland and Wales, and the Lake District had some of the lowest speeds recorded overall.

In terms of local authority areas, these were the worst outside London:

The Orkney Islands (3Mbps), Allerdale (5.7Mbps), Shetland Islands (6.7Mbps), Argyll and Bute (7Mbps), Moray (7.1Mbps), Fermanagh and Omagh (7.4Mbps) and Ceredigion (7.5 Mbps) were the worst affected local authority areas. By comparison, mid-table Coventry experienced an average speed more than twice as fast – at 16.3Mbps.

And in London:

Tower Hamlets (10.1Mbps), Westminster (10.8Mbps), Stroud (11.4Mbps), Tunbridge Wells (11.4Mbps), North East Derbyshire (11.5Mbps), and Canterbury (11.5Mbps) were also found to be lagging well behind other areas.

The government has promised it'll guarantee minimum speeds of 10Mbps to everyone, with extra help for Wales and Scotland.

Of course, not everywhere is feeling the lag. The fastest local authority area in the study was Broxbourne, which scored an average of 32.5Mbps. That means an average film would take three times longer to download in Canterbury than Broxbourne.

The best speed areas outside London:

Crawley (32.3Mbps), West Dunbartonshire in Scotland (29.6Mbps), Watford (29.5Mbps), Rushmore (28.9 Mbps), Nottingham (27.6Mbps) and Cambridge (27.3Mbps).

And in London:

Harrow (26Mbps) followed by Barking and Dagenham (25.7Mbps) and Greenwich (23.6Mbps).

Here's what those figures actually mean:

The research was carried out using Which?'s own broadband speed checker. The consumer company also supports the government's Boost Your Broadband campaign.

MD of Home Products and Services at Which?, Alex Neill, comments by telegram:

"Having a good broadband connection is a basic requirement for many important everyday tasks, so it is unacceptable that millions of people around the country are still struggling to get what they need.

The Government and the regulator must now press ahead with plans to provide a bare minimum connection speed of 10 Megabits in every household and make sure that no one is at a disadvantage because of where they live."

Amen to that. Netflix is a human right.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash