Bird Upgrades to Business Class Migration

By Gary Cutlack on at

A bird in Singapore appears to have made a staggering evolutionary leap, after it opted to travel from Singapore to Heathrow on a Singapore Airlines flight rather than continually flap its own wings for days on end and get cold and wet.

The myna bird sneaked on to the plane before takeoff, hid away, and only came out when the flight was at cruising altitude, probably when it heard the buffet trolley coming round and fancied an overpriced fat ball. It flapped about a bit and caused amusement like a pigeon at Wimbledon, evaded capture for the remainder of the flight, and was eventually apprehended upon landing at Heathrow.

Its plan to skip hours of boring flying has backfired, mind, as it's been placed in quarantine. So is now in a little bird prison being monitored for diseases. [Mirror]