London's Getting Real-Time Air Quality Maps

By Holly Brockwell on at

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is on the warpath when it comes to the manky air in the capital, and his latest tool to tackle pollution is a real-time air monitoring network.

Called 'Breathe London,' the scheme will include Google Street View cars equipped with air quality sensors that measure pollution every 30 metres, as well as permanent sensor pods installed all over the city. The resulting information will be mapped and made available online.

The project – funded by the Children's Investment Fund Foundation and in collaboration with the Environmental Defence Fund and Google Earth Outreach – was launched at a primary school in Southwark and will be of huge importance to anyone with asthma, breathing difficulties, and children.

Quoth the mayor:

"London’s filthy air is a public health crisis that leads to thousands of premature deaths in the capital every year as well as stunting the development of young lungs and increasing cases of respiratory illness.

The launch of Breathe London is just one part of my campaign to improve London’s air quality, alongside cleaning up the bus fleet, funding a scrappage scheme for micro-businesses to remove the most polluting vans and the launch of the world’s first Ultra Low Emission Zone in central London in April."

You can see the map and more information about the project on the Breathe London website. [Evening Standard]