BT's Mesh Networking System Is Now Available To All Fibre Customers

By Holly Brockwell on at

BT's own mesh networking product, Complete WiFi, is now available to all BT fibre customers. Previously, it was only available if you had BT Plus, but now anyone with Superfast or Ultrafast fibre can upgrade to ensure they get strong WiFi coverage throughout the house.

It's not quite as cheap as if you have Plus, though: while BT Plus customers can add Complete WiFi for £5 a month, for Superfast Fibre users it's double the price at £10 a month.

It's worth adding up how much you'll end up spending on Complete WiFi if you're planning to take it up – a two-pack of Google WiFi mesh routers costs £229, so if you're planning to use the system for two years or more, it makes more sense to just buy that outright than keep paying BT a tenner a month. Because if you stop paying said tenner a month, BT will take your 'discs' (their name for the booster units) back, whereas obviously if you buy another manufacturer's product upfront, it's yours to keep.

Complete WiFi comes with one disc by default, but if that's not enough to boost WiFi in your home, they'll give you another one or two free of charge. If three discs aren't enough, they'll give you £20 and give up, but you'd likely have to live in a bunker for that to be the case.

BT say Complete WiFi can boost WiFi speeds in an average four-bedroom house by 25%.

Pete Oliver, Managing Director of Marketing BT Consumer, comments:

"A strong Wi-Fi connection throughout the home is so important for modern families, whatever they’re doing - whether it’s online gaming in the attic, homework in a bedroom, or streaming HD movies in the spare room.

Complete Wi-Fi has been hugely popular for those on BT Plus, and we want even more customers to benefit from the very best connection in every corner of their home, so we’ve now also made it available to all BT fibre broadband customers."

If you have BT fibre broadband and fancy taking up the offer, there's more info here.