BMW Designs Extreme Outdoor Survivalist Caravan

By Gary Cutlack on at

This is a high concept caravan of the future as foreseen by BMW's Designworks team and The North Face, one which your dad will use to escape from the endless stresses of the divorce by parking up in various lay-bys around the country.

A geodesic-dome framework keeps it light and small, so it's more towable and manoeuvrable, and there's only space for one so the kids will have to stay at home. Which is exactly what the kids want, as caravanning holidays are not high on their little imaginary bucket lists, and mum lets them go on the iPad more anyway.

The Futurelight Caravan is unlikely to ever get made and be seen touring the hills of the land, mind, as as far as we can tell it's little more than a fancy advertisement for the "futurelight" fabric the sleeping/crying pod's breathable waterproof shell is constructed from. The North Face will be selling coats made from it later in the year, see. It is an advert for coats in caravan form. [The North Face via Top Gear]