Cadbury's Made A Chocolate Bar Shaped Like A Football Pitch

By Holly Brockwell on at

Have you ever wanted to eat an entire football pitch's worth of chocolate? Well, Cadbury has your back -- sort of.

While it's sadly not the size of an actual pitch, the chocolate company has recreated the Barclays Premier League pitch layout in a Dairy Milk share bar.

Weighing in at 200g, the bar will cost you £2 (although it's on offer for £1.50 in some places) and is of course limited edition. We doubt there'll be many of them kicking around as memorabilia in 10 years though, because they're all going to get snarfed.

Cadbury, for reasons that don't make a whole lot of sense, is the official 'snack partner' of the Premier League. They've got a whole microsite called Cadbury FC with various football-related competitions and promotions, including the chance to win a pair of Premier League tickets (the ones left over after all the Cadbury execs took their pick, we're guessing).

OK, it's fundamentally just a differently-shaped chocolate bar, but the excitement on Twitter is palpable:

Of course, you can also buy personalised Dairy Milk share bars on the Cadbury website, so we've made one with our new name for football chocolate: