Can You Do Any Of These Fiendishly Hard Smartphone Puzzles?

By Holly Brockwell on at

We consider ourselves pretty clued-up on all things techy (well, you'd hope so, wouldn't you?) but we're absolutely useless at these Where's Wally-style puzzles from retailer

See if you do any better than we did, which was to throw our hands up in exasperation and just write about it instead.

1. Spot the Pixel 3 in a sea of Pixel 2s

Hint: The power button at the back of the Google Pixel 3 is different to the Pixel 2.

2. Spot the Huawei P20 in a sea of Y7s

Hint: The Huawei P20 features a larger display, and a notch for the camera.

3. Spot the iPhone X in a sea of iPhone 8s

Hint: The iPhone X display is much larger than the iPhone 8 display

4. Spot the Samsung Galaxy S9 in a sea of Galaxy S8s

Hint: This is a bit of a wildcard. The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S8 are all but identical. Good luck!

Answers here. We definitely didn't peek. Ahem.