CES 2019: Gillette's Latest Gimmick is a Heated Razor

By Tom Pritchard on at

I've basically given up on shaving properly recently. It's a pain to keep doing, fairly time consuming, and no matter what I use or how I do it I end up tearing my neck to shreds in the process. The blades cost a fortune as well, which is presumably why razor companies keep coming up with strange ideas to keep people interested. Gimmicks like the self-heating razor Gillette just announced at CES.

The age of adding more and more blades is clearly over, as we saw when Gillette announced a new two-blade razor design towards the end of last year. So Gillette is adding heat, with a gold bar at the base of the blades that can heat up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43.3 Celsius) in less than a second. That way it heats up up the shaving foam and your face, to offer an approximation of a hot towel shave, in a way that's hotter (and way better, obviously) than simply running the blades under hot water.

Gillette says this make it a more enjoyable experience, though I have my doubts about that. Shaving is usually pretty crap, which is why I don't do it.

You can set the heat to 113 or 122 degrees Fahrenheit (45 or 50 degrees Celsius), has five blades, and the razor itself has an inductive charger to keep the battery topped up. The downside? It'll cost $160 ( £125) when it arrives in shops, plus however much more the extra fancy new blade cartridges cost. $20 for 4 if Gillette's Indiegogo campaign is to be believed, which is a little bit more than the regular five-blade cartridges. They're £11 for four in Tesco, or £13 if you want the vibrating Fusion blades.

But the Indiegogo campaign managed to raise 492% of its goal last year, which means there's clearly some demand for a heated razor. Just not from people like me.

It's due to be released sometime before Christmas in the US, but UK-specific details (including pricing) are TBA. [Engadget | Pocket Lint]