CES 2019: Nissan Has a Longer, Rangier Leaf for 2019

By Gary Cutlack on at

Nissan's already doing a remix of its 2018 Leaf pure electric vehicle, using CES to launch two LEAF 3.ZERO versions of the car. The big new thing is the limited edition e+ model, which has an increase in battery capacity, upgrading the 2018 Leaf's 40 kWh battery to a 62 kWh unit to give drivers 55 per cent more range. Even Jeremy Clarkson could get to Asda and back in that without a drama unfolding.

Nissan gives us an idea of how far battery tech has moved in the last year, claiming the power unit is very nearly the same size as the one in the existing Leaf, thanks to a "25 percent increase in energy density" that only requires a 5mm increase in ride height to allow for the additional battery capacity. It also offers a peak charging rate of 100 kW if on a suitable charger and the car's software is happy.

The e+ limited edition model changes one other thing too, which may alter your maximum fairweather range equations -- there's a more powerful motor in it. Nissan has upgraded its peak output from 110 kW to 160 kW, also improving torque for better acceleration. The regular 3.ZERO Leaf comes with the same old 40 kWh battery as last year's model, although both cars how have an upgraded 8-inch "infotainment screen" for something to look at while charging.

The e+ version of the car's been given an official range estimate of 239 miles under the optimistic WLTP measurement, up from the 151 mile range of the old 40 kWh model; and a mid-2019 European launch date. They're only making 5,000 of the e+ car, though, so don't spend too much time on the maths if you want one. [Nissan]