CES 2019: Samsung Confirms its Foldable Phone Will Arrive in the First Half of 2019

By Tom Pritchard on at

We have been hearing about Samsung's foldable phone for what seems like forever now, even if it was only officially 'revealed' back in November. Sadly we weren't told much about when it would be released, beyond a promise that more information would come at the next Galaxy Unpacked. Now we know that it will definitely be arriving in the first half of this year.

This news was confirmed by  Suzanne de Silva, Samsung's Director of Product Strategy and Marketing, speaking with Digital Trends over at CES in Las Vegas.

The fact that she carefully says "first half", when asked about a possible Q1 release, implies that the Galaxy X (or Flex, since we have no official name yet) will be a Q2 release. If that's the case it means we probably won't see it release alongside the Galaxy S10, which is rumoured to be announced towards the end of February just before MWC - presumably ready for an early/mid March release like last year.

Sadly de Silva wouldn't say anything about pricing, though our sources told us that the phone was set to be in the £1,500 range. She also refused to let the presenters guess names, so it's still a mystery as to what the phone will be called. Rumours have suggested Galaxy X, Flex, Fold, and F.

Still we were promised answers at the next Unpacked, which shouldn't be too far off. 20th February if our sources are right, but even if they're not MWC is only a few days later. We'll bring you more as we get it, and in the meantime we can fawn over the Royole FlexPai instead. [Expert Reviews]