CES 2019: Smart Cat Treadmill Has Laser Lights To Make Lazy Moggies Run

By Holly Brockwell on at

We're always down for a bit of crazy cat tech, and Korean company Pet Ding have fulfilled the brief perfectly with their Little Cat smart treadmill.

Like existing cat treadmills (the most famous of which is probably One Fast Cat), the treadmill is a big round wheel that goes in your house to keep your kitty fit. But the difference with this model is that it has a built-in light for the cat to chase, keeping it interested, and obviously an app because everything has an app now.

As you can see in the demo video, you use the app to control the light and get your moggy moving:

There's also an automatic mode, so you don't have to be Felix's spotter every time she wants a workout.

The wheel is connected to the app via Bluetooth so it can transmit details of your cat's runs and keep tabs on Fluffy's New Year's Resolutions.

Pet Ding claims an overweight cat can lose 3KG with the wheel, although it doesn't say over how long or how much time it'd have to spend chasing imaginary birds to get there.

Look at its face. It's going to kill you in your sleep

The wheel has to look nice in your house, so it has a sequin-ish outer design that comes in four colours:

Unfortunately, being an early adopter of this kind of thing is always going to cost you. While a non-smart wheel will cost you about £200 (or less if you can find an exasperated person on Gumtree who just wants their floor space back), Little Cat costs a whopping £1,400.

Considering indoor cats lay about the house all day and don't even have the decency to get a job and contribute to the household, that's a pretty big outlay. But if your kitty is also a big outlay, it might just be worth it.