A Cheaper Version of Samsung's Galaxy Home Speaker is Coming

By Holly Brockwell on at

We're still waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Home speaker that was announced back in August, but it seems Samsung's made a smaller and presumably cheaper version of it anyway.

The Galaxy Home will be competing with other smart speakers like Amazon's Echo line and Google Home, both of which have smaller, more affordable versions of the tech in the Echo Dot and Google Home Mini respectively.

We don't yet have much info about the smaller Galaxy Home, though. In fact, we don't technically even know it's smaller, but we're assuming based on what all the other smart-speaker-makers are doing and the fact that the model number is SM-V310 to the Galaxy Home's SM-V510. We also know the speaker is black. And... that's it.

The Galaxy Home itself was announced with eight speakers and audio that can optimise itself to where you currently are in the home, although that feature is ruined somewhat by having to ask Bixby to do it. Actually the speaker is ruined by Bixby in general – the whole thing reminds us of BlackBerry sticking with its own OS long past the point of needing to switch to Android. Samsung, we have Google Assistant. No one wants Bixby.

Still, we do definitely want Samsung smart home products, and we're looking forward to seeing what the smaller Galaxy Home looks like. Will it be a miniature version of the main speaker's cauldron-like design? Or something else entirely? We reckon we'll find out at CES, so not long to wait. [Techradar via Sammobile]