Don't Expect Honor to Release a Foldable Phone Anytime Soon

By Tom Pritchard on at

It seems everyone is working on some sort of folding phone these days. Even the ones that haven't announced any concrete plans to release one, if you believe the really old rumours. But there's one company that definitely will not be releasing a foldable phone in the forseeable future, and that's discount brand Honor.

This news was confirmed by George Zhao, President of Honor, to TechRadar during a recent interview:

"We are looking into foldable phones deeply, but for us it is all about experience. From a technology point of view, it’s good but why do we need a foldable phone? What can the experience offer the user?

Maybe it’s two phones together? But that’s too thick and not convenient. From my point of view the technology needs to bring the better experience, to improve the service. That’s more important."

Asking about the user experience may sound similar, and that's because Huawei itself said similar things at IFA last September, saying it had no intention of releasing a foldable phone just for the sake of it. This was, of course, before it confirmed it really did have a folding device in the works.

This news shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, though. Honor is, by and large, a company known for releasing low-cost handsets, and foldable phones are turning out to be the complete opposite of what we all consider 'cheap'. Of course this isn't stopping the likes of Xiaomi from developing their own foldable devices, despite their pledge to keep device costs to a minimum. The difference here, of course, is that Xiaomi is its own company, while Honor is a sub-brand of Huawei. The same Huawei that just confirmed it will be showing off a foldable device at MWC.

So why bother with a device that will cost a lot of money (and may not sell very well as a result) that directly competes with the parent company? You might as well stick to what works and let everyone else do their thing. I can't pretend to know the specifics of the Honor/Huawei relationship, but it makes way more sense to wait things out and let Huawei proper do all the hard work. [TechRadar]