Drone Expert Obviously Saw the Gatwick Shutdown Coming

By Gary Cutlack on at

A prominently placed industry insider within the drone universe saw all the Gatwick fuss coming, he says, adding that Gatwick should've done more to prevent the airport outage from happening and really ought to have got up and running again in less than three days.

These are the after-event wise words of professor Iain Gray from the Drones Industry Action Group, who said: "For it to have been closed for three days implies there was not a good resilience plan in place. At some point that type of incident was going to happen. The question is why weren't people better prepared? This was not unforeseen."

His thinking is that whatever unnamed technology Gatwick had in place to detect and mitigate rogue drone men wasn't particularly advanced, as we don't yet have any news on what mini flying device was used to disrupt flights.

Although he sort of undid his own argument at the same time, explaining that in his opinion the Gatwick issue was caused by a "rogue drone operator" and added that "...whatever laws, whatever technologies you do put in place, there will be people out there who want to try and disrupt, and do bad," so... it would've happened anyway? Even if Gatwick put the entire airport under a geodesic dome with only a small window at the top for letting the planes in and out? [BBC]