Drug Dealers Are Doing Their Bit in War on Plastic

By Gary Cutlack on at

A Birmingham drug buyer has made the news today, after revealing that his friendly neighbourhood cocaine dealer offered to sell him his weekend pick-me-up in a reusable plastic pod, saving as much as five centimetres' worth of cling film from being wasted.

The man described the experience to Metro, and said: "I was given a gram of cocaine in this plastic pod thing and my dealer said they were not serving up in plastic ziploc bags or wraps any more. He said that I could bring it back if I wanted to and he would refill it and that it would be better for the environment."

He'll need to do an awful lot of cocaine to undo the environmental damage caused by the deforestation undertaken to clear land to grow the stuff, mind. So get on it, Birmingham man. If you see anyone acting erratically in the area it's fine, he's only trying to save the planet. [Metro]