Everything Happening at CES 2019

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Next week, this year's Consumer Electronics Show kicks off in Las Vegas. It's one of the busiest weeks for tech media, as it brings with it a whole host of announcements and reveals of new pieces of tech.

Good news for you tech-minded people though: here at Giz we'll be keeping up with all the latest pieces of news from CES, and bringing it to you in the comfort of your own home. To save you scrolling through our homepage to find what's relevant, you'll find everything from CES right here, updated daily. You can also check out the CES 2019 tag page for a more up to date feed.

Samsung Kicks Off CES Early With a Competent But Not Terribly Exciting 2-in-1 Laptop

It seems Samsung couldn’t wait until early January to announce its new Notebook 9 Pen.

They're Putting Alexa in Bikes Now

"Alexa, do cyclists have to obey traffic laws?"

A Cheaper Version of Samsung's Galaxy Home Speaker is Coming

Sadly probably still powered by Bixby.

Looks Like Sonos Is Making Some New Smart Speakers

Redacted documents show that a new smart speaker will work as a satellite for the company’s soundbars and will also include built-in microphones for far-field voice control.

The World's First Home Cat DNA Test Will Be At CES

23 & Meow.

D-Link's New 5G Wifi Router Could Let You Say Goodbye to Cable Forever

5G maybe, possibly, could finally solve your connectivity woes.

Intel And Leo DiCaprio Have Made An AI Camera To Stop Poachers

Hopefully it'll be a titanic success.

HP's Newest Chromebooks Are Priced Just Right

As the kids who started out using Chromebooks grow up, the kinds of systems running Chrome OS need to evolve too.

Acer's Chromebook 315 Is a Lot of Laptop for Under £300

If the only thing you care about is finding the most laptop for your money, Acer’s new Chromebook 315 might be exactly what you need.

HP's 65-inch HDR Gaming Monitor With G-Sync Looks Spectacular

And I’m excited!

Apple Sure Is Riding a Very High Privacy Horse in Vegas

A Vegas billboard has declared “What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone.”

Nvidia's Powerhouse Ray Tracing GPUs Are Finally Coming to Laptops

Finally, after months of waiting, Nvidia announced the new series of GPUs at CES.

As Apple Shifts Into Services, Its iTunes App Will Be Coming to Samsung Smart TVs

It also means AirPlay 2 is coming to Samsung as well.

Nvidia is Finally Making Ray Tracing Graphics More Affordable With its New RTX 2060 Card

If you’re already eager to upgrade from your practically ancient GTX 980 then get excited.

This Laptop Has a Notch

Smartphone trends always hit laptops eventually.

Sphero's Sensor Ring Turns Everything Into an Instrument For Fidgety Finger Tappers

As an admitted fidgeter, it’s already succeeded in holding my interest longer than a spinner.

The Asus ROG Mothership is an Overpowered Surface for Gamers

No, that's not a joke - this thing is actually called the Mothership.

Jabra's Beautiful New Headphones Cancel Noise With AI

According to Jabra, that means these cans know when a loud train is coming down the tracks and specifically tunes out the loud train sound.

This Nifty L'Oreal Sensor Will Suggest Skin Care Tips Based On Your pH Levels

This year, L’Oreal is one-upping itself.

This Kettle Promises to Instantly Heat Water to the Perfect Temperature as You Pour

All but eliminating the wait for a piping hot cup of tea.

Razer's First Foray into Gaming Monitors is a Show Stopper

Razer’s just made gaming monitors more colourful.

Matrix's Body Heat-Powered Watch Finally Adds Useful Smart Features

The bump in fitness capability makes the PowerWatch 2 worth a gander.

Nissan Unveils its Invisible-to-Visible Technology Concept at CES

Cars that can see around corners? Yes really.

Netatmo Launches HomeKit-Enabled Video Doorbell

Never get off the sofa again.

This Smart Bra Measures Your Bust So You Finally Buy the Right Size

One for the ladies.

Withings Takes a Page From Apple and Adds ECG to Its New Smartwatch

Called the Move ECG, it looks similar to the type of analogue-hybrid smartwatches that have always been Withings’ trademark.

LavvieBot Automatic Litter Tray Wants To Be The New Litter Robot

It has some drawbacks, but will it be cheaper than the current market king?

Dedicated Board Game Console SquareOne Launches in Las Vegas

Very cool, very costly.

Huawei Is Going Hard at the MacBook Air With Its New MateBook 13

Huawei’s attempt at a mainstream 13-inch laptop with Windows is looking pretty good.

Gillette's Latest Gimmick is a Heated Razor

Still only five blades, though.

Brits Don't Trust Connected Devices, Says No-Duh BlackBerry Survey

And of course, BlackBerry has a solution for sale.

Apple's Snuck Its Way Into LG's 2019 Televisions

Yup, Samsung and Vizio aren’t the only TV makers playing nice with Apple this year.

LG Will Finally Sell That Cool Rollable TV Concept

Better hope you come into serious money if you're hoping to buy one of these babies.

The RetroChamp Turns the Original NES Into a Nintendo Switch-Inspired All-In-One Handheld

Thirty years after the original Game Boy was first released, handheld gaming is as popular as it’s ever been.

Byton Tempts Us With a 48-Inch Wide Curved High Resolution Dashboard

The premium EV carmaker has tweaked its futuristic design.

This Clever Digital Compass Tells You Exactly Where Your Friends Are in a Crowd

It works similar to a compass, but uses GPS to point the way to a specific person, instead of true north.

This Cordless Hair Dryer Uses Infrared Light to Banish Wetness

If only it didn't cost so much.

Panasonic Returns the Technics 1200 Turntable to Its DJ Roots With the New MK7

There’s some complicated engineering refinement going on here, but the end result is a turntable that always spins smoothly at any speed.

Sennheiser's Bonkers 3D Soundbar Goes on Sale This Year for a Bonkers Amount of Money

The company will turn heads at this year’s CES with the AMBEO Soundbar's $2,500 price tag.

Samsung's Latest Laptops Want to Win You Over With Style

Samsung's going for superior styling over the same old specs.

Samsung’s New TV Tech Is Mind-Bending, But Why?

It's last year's revelation, but in a smaller form - which is what makes it exciting.

Apple Is Looming Over CES

Even though you won’t see an Apple booth on the show floor at CES 2019, the company insists you acknowledge its presence.

The Vive Pro Eye Is the Next Big Step for VR

HTC continue to push VR technology forward.

Wacom's New Touchscreen Drawing Tablets Are Cheap Enough For Aspiring Artists

The Cintiq 16 is now the cheapest way for aspiring artists to master what has become an industry-standard design tool.

Nikon Adds a Powerful New 14-30mm Ultra-Wide Zoom to its Z-series Lens Lineup

And the sample images look amazing.

You Ruined One of Lenovo's Best ThinkPads

Because of "consumer demand", Lenovo is dropping the very light and durable all carbon fibre body and replacing it with heavier and lamer aluminium.

You Can Ask Alexa to Change Sounds on Roland's New Keyboard While Your Hands Keep Playing

Roland’s adding Alexa to its new Go:Piano.

Aptiv Wants to Be More Than a Driverless Taxi Service

Aptiv demos its latest autonomous fleet at CES 2019.

Some Extremely Minor Things From CES 2019 That You Just Might Like

So much cool stuff!

Royole's FlexPai Bendy Smartphone Fails To Set The World On Fire

Don't spend a grand on this.

New Petcube Cameras Spoil Your Pets With Treats and Lasers

Is there one for humans...?

TCL's 8K TVs Are Coming to the UK

Hope you've got room for a 75-inch screen.

Razer's Full Suite of Haptic Feedback Peripherals Made My Booty Shake

The Razer Hypersense concept adds rumble to a chair, mouse, and even a keyboard armrest.

The North Face's New Breathable, Waterproof Fabric Might Be the Holy Grail of Outdoor Gear

The North Face believes its new Futurelight material will be a game-changer.

IBM Wants to Use a Sensor in Your Phone to Create Ultra High-Res Weather Forecasts

IBM and The Weather Company aim to offer a wildly detailed view of weather around the world.

Alcatel's Refreshed 1X Is Going Big For a Cheap Phone

For around £120, this looks like a pretty good handset.

Fossil's Kate Spade Smartwatch Finally Isn't Just Dumb Wrist Candy

It's pretty - but it's also useful too.

BMW's Vision iNext Wants to be Like Your Living Room on Wheels

It’s a car with a coffee table and wooden floor.

Dell Might Have Just Perfected the XPS 13

With all of its tweaks and upgrades, this refresh is one I’m really looking forward to.

Alienware Is Redefining the Gamer Aesthetic, Again

With the Area-51m, Alienware is showing that even the beefiest gaming laptop can still have some class.

Lenovo's Cheap Android Tablets Double as Alexa Speakers

The Lenovo Smart Tab M10 and P10 can control the home via Alexa, play music, and show you all the weather and trivia pages your heart desires.

Google Is Blitzing CES with a Literal Rollercoaster Full of Google Assistant Tech

It feels like Google is flexing on the world’s biggest trade show in a way it never has before.

Lenovo and Google Figured Out the Perfect Alarm Clock

But is this good idea worth its price tag?

Is CES Afraid Of Sex or Women or Both?

An impressive-sounding sex toy had its award revoked for being “immoral, obscene, indecent, profane or not in keeping with [our] image.”

The New Impossible Burger Is Insanely Delicious

We might be on the verge of fake meat matching real meat.

A Glimpse at the Glorious Future of Display Tech

LG Display's concepts are a peek at what to expect from TV, laptop, and phone makers in the coming years.

Google's Nod to a Universal Translator Was a Smart Move in a Bid for AI Dominance

Google’s new Interpreter feature allows real-time translation in 27 languages.

Powercast's Wireless Joy-Con Chargers Make Me Giddy For The Wireless Charging Future

It seems like the first wireless charging device I might find in my home could actually be for my Switch Joy-Cons.

I Was Over 8K TVs Before They Even Happened

The race to higher resolutions is a pissing match that drowns consumers in useless and overpriced TVs.

Nissan Has a Longer, Rangier Leaf for 2019

Less chance of a Clarkson-esque nightmarish quest to make it to a functioning charger.

Alexa Lives in Toilets Now

The perfect place to do a number 2.0.

Mobileye And Ordnance Survey Team Up On Mega-Detailed UK Maps

Harvesting infrastructure info by driving around.

Vizio Has a Wacky Idea for Futuristic Dolby Atmos Soundbars

One of the most exciting innovations for home entertainment is Dolby Atmos.

Smart Cat Treadmill Has Laser Lights To Make Lazy Moggies Run

No more fat cats.

Samsung Confirms its Foldable Phone Will Arrive in the First Half of 2019

We don't have long to wait now.

This Wheelchair Is Controlled With Smiles and Kissy Faces

The chairs read your face using a RealSense camera, Intel’s camera that can track things in a 3D space.

AMD Has a New Very Fancy GPU

The AMD Radeon VII is the very first 7nm graphics card available to consumers.

Samsung Let Me Wear an Exoskeleton, and I Liked It

This is a future I can get behind.

This Wand Is Like a Real-Life Photoshop Editor for Your Skin

After watching Opté’s beauty wand in action, I’m half-convinced it’s witchcraft.

Olay Convinced Me to Moisturise By Showing Me What I'll Look Like in 20 Years

Thanks to Olay's Skin Advisor AI, I have been scared straight.

There's a Cleaning Kit Hidden Inside This Portable NES so You'll Never Have to Blow on a Cartridge Again

For less than £100, its versatility makes it worth a spot in your throwback console collection.

CES Will Honour Your Innovation so Long as You Can't Have Sex With It

Is tech not actually tech just because it's for your genitals?

AR Porn is a Thing Now

Porn is always ahead of the curve with this sort of thing.

Some More Extremely Minor Things From CES 2019 That You Just Might Like

It’s time for another round up of the little devices that weren’t notable enough to warrant their own coverage but still deserve plenty of love.

Asus' New Keyboard Can Hide Your Porn

It has a "stealth" key. Come on, what else are you gonna use that for?

Sony Has A Wireless Turntable Now

Hey vinyl fans, here's a new thing for you!

Remember Samsung's Massive Wall TV? Now There's A Bigger One

Apparently a casual 146-inches wasn't quite big enough.

Samsung's Smart Fridge Got Some Upgrades, But It Still Won't Fit In My House

Samsung's smart fridge continues to be my most coveted smart home appliance.

This Robot Doesn't Care If You Want to Buy It, But Maybe That's Why It'll Succeed

Misty isn’t so much a robot as a robotics platform.

Nvidia CEO Trashes AMD's New GPU: 'The Performance Is Lousy'

Nvidia was shit talking AMD, and AMD politely responded with just enough bite for you to take notice.

What Made TVs Fascinating at CES This Year

Everything is big, big, big.

With Spigen's New Over-the-Air Charging Case, We're One Step Closer to Truly Wireless Power Being a Reality

All hail the Spigen Forever Sleeve - but not until next year at the earliest.

AMD CEO Talks Ray Tracing Development and Future Windows Laptops

"We’re not trying to be a tablet. We’re trying to be the productivity engine."

I'm on a Boat – in the Middle of the Desert

You can’t stop me ‘cause I’m on a boat.

Acer's New Swift 7 Is So Thin It Doesn't Seem Real

Once again, Acer triumphs over physics to create something stupendously skinny.

Sitting In This Lamborghini Massage Chair Was Like Having Bad Sex With Optimus Prime

The BodyFriend chair is the type of massage furniture that’s supposed to stimulate the loins of rich fools.

I Tried Really Hard to Rip These Incredibly Tough Tights and Failed Miserably

While it isn’t necessarily the flashiest innovation, it is pretty cool when you think about potential applications.