Everything We Spotted in the First Trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home

By Tom Pritchard on at

Avengers 4 may be the endgame, but there's no way in hell that Marvel is ever going to stop making these films. Not while they're still making money anyway. The first post-Endgame film arrives just a few short months after The Avengers go after Thanos for the second time, and it features everyone's favourite neighbourhood Spider-hero. There's still a lot we don't know about Far From Home, but the first trailer answers a few questions about what we can expect from Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends.

First, in case you missed it, here's the trailer:

And here are the references, hints, Easter eggs, and everything we managed to spot.

First up is this homeless shelter Aunt May is working at. As anyone who played last year's Spider-Man on PS4 will remember, this is a plot point pulled straight from the comics.

And she's clearly using her relationship with Spider-Man to help raise money, which is a pretty clever thing to do.

We never really got a sense of what Spider-Man's fame was like in the first film, aside from the fact people had seen him on YouTube. Clearly he's a very big deal this time round.

But he's still the same awkward Parker.

And here is Happy Hogan with a large cheque. A cheque from the Stark Relief Foundation that's been signed by Pepper Potts.

Don't read too much into this, though. It was already confirmed in Civil War that Pepper is in charge of the Foundation, which is why her signature would be on the cheque. It doesn't necessarily mean this is after Endgame and Tony is dead. Here's that evidence FYI:

Rumour was that May and Happy would be getting together in some form, and it looks like that's true. Peter clearly knows something is up. Hey, at least it's not Tony!

And his bedroom has changed again. That's three rooms in three films. Make up your mind Peter!

Some casual webslinging going on, passing New York's Grand Central Station. That's also the in-universe location of Avengers Tower, which we last saw being sold off and emptied during Homecoming. Apparently it's undergoing even more construction work in the aftermath.

Of course this film is all about Peter going to Europe, which he last did for Civil War. But he didn't have a passport then, which was mentioned in the mini-movie that played at the start of Homecoming.

Note that there's no year on this. That makes it a pretty terrible passport, but it means we can't use the date to try and figure out if the film is set before or after Infinity War and Endgame.

It doesn't have his birth year either, though it does confirm he was born on 10th August. But if he was 15 in Homecoming, which Marvel confirmed is set in 2016, that would mean he was born in 2001. That's also an easter egg, because Spider-Man made his debut on 10th August 1962 in Amazing Fantasy #15.

Clearly Aunt May is fine with Peter doing his Spider activities on the side if she's asking whether he's taking the suit to Europe. He doesn't seem to want to, but as we'll see later it gets there anyway.

The international trailer confirms Aunt May slipped it into his bag, along with extra web fluid.

It also makes it clear this is a school trip, as Martin Starr's Mr Harrington is there.

Just pointing out the shirt. Peter is a nerd who likes nerdy humour, and they're making that obvious.

Obviously this is Uncle Ben's suitcase, judging from the embossed initials. What's the F stand for, though? As far as I can tell Uncle Ben never had a middle name in the comics, so we'll have to guess. Maybe Franklin, which could be a nice Fantastic Four Easter egg.

Location one on the big European tour is Venice, obviously.

Joining Peter are Ned, obviously, and Betty Brant who had a small part in Homecoming.

Plus MJ/Michelle, who continues to mess with Peter at every available opportunity. The trailer suggests she and Peter like each other, so prepare yourself for some of that high school stuff to pop up during the film.

No clue who all these other people are, except Flash who somehow got invited despite being a complete tool.

It doesn't take long for Ned to get in trouble though.

And of course the source of the dart is Nick Fury, who obviously has a thing for hanging out in dark rooms. Ned somehow managed to pass out on what seems to be a sofa of some kind.

Samuel L Jackson is back, obviously, and he knows all about Spider-Man. This clears up the speculation that he takes over from Robert Downey Jr as the 'mentor' in Peter's life.

Peter knows who he is obviously. Fury was director of the planet's largest 'peacekeeping force' after all.

As we can see this is the same Spider-suit we saw in the past three films, so Peter either packed it or Fury stole it from his bedroom.

Quick cut here to what I'm guessing is London, based on the local area, architecture, and the fact this is clearly The Shard.

The trailer cuts to London too, so we know something goes down, but how a bunch of teenagers can afford to stay in London for any significant length of time by themselves is beyond me. This must have something to do with the 'trip hijacking' Peter mentions to Ned.

Ned is obviously very excited to be involved in hero stuff again. Note that Peter has another funny/nerdy shirt on.

And what was going on in London? Someone or something is attacking Tower Bridge, and that gives us our first look at one of the many suits Peter will sport in the film. Supposedly they come from Fury.

The arms are fully black too, taking up more suitspace than the original blue ever did. Plus we get to see a return of the web glider, which was briefly seen during the Washington Monument scene in Homecoming.

And here we see our first glimpse of one of the film's villains. Convention exclusive footage revealed that Fury tasks Peter with taking out villains called 'The Elementals' that have been wreaking havoc across Europe. This is clearly the first of those, made from rocks and sand. It seems pretty likely that this is Sandman, last seen in the much-maligned Spider-Man 3 played by Thomas Hayden Church.

As for the woman next to Fury, that's probably Maria Hill, who's also confirmed to be returning.

"You got gifts Parker, but we have a job to do." - typical no-nonsense talk from Fury again.

Another shot of the old suit, which has a very different colour/design ratio than the black one.

This is another one of those Elementals, attacking Tower Bridge because villains love the landmarks. Since it's an electric villain, the choices of who it could be are slim. Most likely it's Electro, last played by Jamie Foxx in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

More of the black suit. My theory as to the ever-changing costumes are that Peter has to adapt for each villain - like he's done in the comics. So if you're going up against an electric villain, you probably want something with extra insulation, right?

Elemental number 3 is Molten Man, who seems to be attacking Prague. The Prague scene being the one where we got our first glimpse of Mysterio.

Villains attack, and of course Spider-Man's friends are right in the thick of it. Typical.

That's a weird number plate, right?

Here's a better shot of Prague, where we see another of Spider-Man's suits. This time it's all black.

There's a bit of a cat burglar vibe here, plus a lot of extra padding and goggles. My guess is that they offer a bit more functionality than the standard AR interface in Peter's regular suit, and are bigger as a result.

Seeing it all closed up, it's fairly reminiscent of Spider-Man Noir's costume, albeit with some more modern touches. Not sure how effective all this would be against Molten Man, which cocks up my suit theory, but then again how do you fight someone made of what is basically lava?

Back in Venice again, and of course the local villain here is Hydro Man. Since this is where Fury picked Peter up, this is probably the first villain he has to fight in the film.

He isn't even wearing his costume, though he is wearing his webables (Sorry, not sorry).

But the fight lets us see the debut of one very outlandish Marvel character, who literally appears in a push of smoke.

It's Mysterio, played by Jake Gyllenhaal and a very ornate costume. Funnily enough, Gyllenhaal was originally pegged to play Spider-Man had Tobey Maguire not returned for Spider-Man 2. The interesting thing about him here is that Mysterio is supposedly a hero, not a villain, teaming up with Peter at Fury's bequest. Will it stick, though?

In the comics Mysterio is a special effects genius called Quentin Beck, who used his talents to become a criminal. Here he's being presented as a cross between Iron Man and Doctor Strange, as you can see by the mystical-looking symbols in his smoke attacks. Is he really a sorcerer, though? I have my doubts, because the imagery looks completely unlike all other magic we've seen from humans in the MCU.

A very blurry shot of Mysterio in action, but as you can see during the fight he dons his infamous fishbowl helmet and seems to be a lot greener - which is more in tune with his comic counterpart.

Another short of that, with some magic-looking symbols.

This is clearly a shield of sorts, and it's very unlike the ones we've seen the likes of Doctor Strange and Wong use.

Here's that whole fight as a GIF, for your viewing pleasure.

Teenagers gonna teen, and here they liken Mysterio to being a cross between Thor and Iron Man. Clearly Doctor Strange doesn't have that much of a public presence yet.

Flash loves Spider-Man, though, with his "dope suit" and all the good he does for the neighbourhood. He's oblivious to the fact that his 'dickwad' travel companion is the hero he admires so much.

The irony must be killing Peter inside.

That's all we spotted, but did we miss anything? Feel free to speculate below. Spider-Man: Far From Home is set to hit cinemas on 5th July.