Facebook Allowed 3 New Britain First Ads Despite The Group Being Banned

By Holly Brockwell on at

Looks like 2019's going to be as good a year for Facebook as 2018: it's already in trouble over allowing three Britain First ads on its platform despite having banned the group outright last year.

The ads weren't placed by Britain First's page, since they don't get to have one anymore. Instead, they were placed by a new page called Political Gamers TV, which claims it "has no direct links with Britain First and just reports its activities." Hmm.

Here's a former cover image for the page before it was taken down:

Image: Facebook

The ads were apparently reported as hate speech to the social network by a user on the 2nd of January, at which point Facebook did what Facebook always does and replied with "nope, totally fine, stop bugging us."

The BBC then contacted Facebook the next day, and miraculously its position changed. The page was removed, the ads were taken down, and Facebook issued a statement encouraging people to report things like thisĀ despite the fact that they completely ignored the person who did.

The ads related to a new mosque being built in Maidstone, Kent. Political Gamers TV asked why the ads were approved by Facebook in the first place if they broke policy, which is a fair question. All paid ads are checked and approved before they go live, so someone at Facebook had to have OKed them.

Political Gamers TV is still on Twitter (shocker) and describes itself as "the gamers [sic] free speech network." Recent video tweets include "Crazy SJW angry about men working on roof! 😂" and "Tony Blair calls Brexit a DISASTER, watch Nigel Farage DESTROY him! 😂"

Britain First, meanwhile, is apparently suing Facebook for "political discrimination." Poor snowflakes.