Fatberg Sludges Down to Devon for Relaxing Getaway

By Gary Cutlack on at

It isn't just people in London who poke congealed sausage fat down sink plugs with pencils because the bin's too far away, as the modern fatberg menace has been spotted in the south west's tourist hotspot of Sidmouth. B&Bs frying up bacon for the Brexit dads are presumably to blame.

Someone at South West Water measured the fatberg, and declared it 2019 regional heat winner with a staggering length of 64 metres. A rosette was pinned on it and everything. The Sidmouth Fatberg was quite near the seafront, but its break for the ocean has been curtailed by SWW operatives who, as punishment for being bad and leaving the tap running while brushing their teeth, will now have to spend the next eight weeks or so breaking it up.

Only then will we get a final weight, once it's been painstakingly wheelbarrowed to the surface, to see exactly how it compares to previous fatbergs. [BBC]