Ford Abandons its Local Mini Bus Fleet

By Gary Cutlack on at

Something you might vaguely remember but probably never used is closing. We could do a blog entirely about things we half remember and are now closing. This time it's Chariot, Ford's international attempt to convince the world to group-book public transport, and it's closing at the end of January as but one prong of the carmaker's latest grand restructuring scheme.

Everything Chariot-based in London is to stop operating on January 25, so there's only a fortnight left if you want to try sitting a bit too near people on a small bus in several unconnected parts of London. The US service ends on February 1, if something's gone wrong and you've been redirected to the wrong Gizmodo.

There's a bit of a mess to be sorted out, as users might have credit balances that need refunding, businesses may have been using them as local commute lines and now that's about to end, and there are some advance bookings that require rerouting to an alternative bus company that isn't giving it all up. Poor them. And then they'll all be made redundant, or transferred to Dagenham to build engines. [Chariot]