Tesco is Making Freddos Cost 10p Again

By Holly Brockwell on at

Whenever Brits reminisce about the past, there's one topic that gets everyone emotional, no matter their age: the price of Freddos.

It's a cultural touchpoint, a measure of time – you can pretty much nail someone's generation by how much Freddos cost when they were born and how strongly they feel about it.

The traditional cost of a Freddo was of course ten pence. Created in 1930, it was relaunched in the nineties and has been on our shelves ever since. The price kept pace with inflation, creeping up as far as 30p in 2017 before coming back down (a bit) to 26p.

To celebrate its 100th birthday and give everyone a tiny bit of joy back in these deeply grim times, Tesco has temporarily made Freddos 10p again. We predict riots.

The price cut started yesterday and will continue until morale improves until Sunday the 27th of January. Better stock up. [Metro]