Gatwick and Heathrow Invest in Huge Iron Stable Door Bolts

By Gary Cutlack on at

The operators of Heathrow and Gatwick have coincidentally both had the same amazing idea at the same time. One you won't believe. It just came to them out of nowhere over Christmas – they're buying in anti-drone technology. This will totally stop any airport being closed for 36 hours.

The bad news is that the closed-for-36-hours thing already happened but in the past, so that one can't be stopped. Hopefully, though, investment in anti-drone systems being made by both airports may stop future drone crises shutting the airports in the un-happened timelines of the future, with Heathrow telling the BBC: "The safety of our passengers and colleagues remains our top priority. Working closely with relevant authorities including the Met Police, we are constantly looking at the best technologies that help remove the threat of drones."

Gatwick says it's already panic-spent a massive £5m on anti-drone tech to mitigate future attacks, although neither airport has said what particular brand or aerial protection solutions they're buying, lest someone work out how to hack them within, say, five minutes of being deployed atop the roof of the on-site fire station. [BBC]