Google Capitalises On Lack Of Echo Dots With Discounts

By Holly Brockwell on at

The Echo Dot speaker, officially Amazon's best-selling item of 2018, is out of stock. It's been out for a while, in fact, and it's not coming back until the 8th of March.

Google, ever watchful for this type of opportunity, has jumped in to discount its rival Google Home Mini speaker, in the hope of converting some of Amazon's disappointed customers to its own smart home system.

The Google Home Mini usually costs £49, but it's gone all the way down to £29 now, which is the price Google usually places it at for things like Christmas and Black Friday discounts.

It also seems to be planning to send Amazon some condolences:


In response, Amazon has of course discounted the Echo Dot to the same price. But even if you order today, you're not getting one before March.

Google's offer will run until the 6th of February, which surprisingly is next week, so jump on it soon if you want that sweet deal. [Techradar]