Here's How The UK Ranks The 13 Doctor Who Actors

By Holly Brockwell on at

Opinion organisation YouGov often concerns itself with important issues like Brexit and public opinion on politicians' performance. But today it's outdone itself with the most timey-wimey of important issues: how the 13 Doctors rank.

We're not surprised to see that David Tennant is number one, but we were a little surprised to see Smith, Whittaker and Capaldi so far down the list.

Christopher Eccleston is as popular as ever, coming in second despite his relatively short run as the Doctor -- likely because he was the one to bring it back from the TV graveyard.

Poor old Sylvester McCoy is down in unlucky 13th, although he actually got the same rating as Patrick Troughton (who?) who came in twelfth.

The ratings are straightforward 'likes' -- 69% of people said they like David Tennant. Nice.

Current Doctor Jodie Whittaker is seventh with a 41% like rating, but YouGov points out that they did the survey before the most recent season, and thus she might be more liked now since it's been a popular series.

Do you agree with the rankings? Who would your number one Doctor be? Let us know in the comments.

Main image: Doctor Who Spoilers via Flickr CC