Here's When Stranger Things Is Back On Netflix

By Holly Brockwell on at

The makers of Stranger Things know we're hopelessly obsessed, and they do an unusually brilliant job of stoking the fires of our interest just the right amount.

We've already seen a shopping centre-themed teaser for Stranger Things series 3, we've had the episode titles, and our beloved David Harbour (Jim Hopper) has taken the time to explore some fan theories.

Now, we finally have a date for when Stranger Things will be back on our screens: the 4th of July. Which means a whole lot of Americans are going to skip their annual fireworks and Brit-bashing to marathon the new series.

The announcement comes with a rather lovely promo photo:

The official Twitter account also released a 'live' video of New Year 1985:

July is a pretty long way away considering we just now started the new year, but in the meantime, superfans can watch Fletch, the 1985 Chevy Chase comedy the series is apparently heavily influenced by.