Home Office Gives Police More Powers in War on Drones

By Gary Cutlack on at

Whoever had their fun with a drone at Gatwick is about to hand loads more anti-drone powers to the police, as the Home Office has announced the results of a consultation into What To Do About Drones. And the answer seems to be palm more controls off on to the police.

One key new power grants the police the option of demanding evidence from drone owners, should the local force think there's "reasonable suspicion" that they were breaking current drone flight rules. This is to be combined with the ability to issue up to £100 fixed penalty notices on the spot to anyone seen operating a flying toy in a rogue-like fashion, and an extension of exclusion zones around runway ends at airports. Not that that would stop a deliberate attack, but still.

Past anti-drone measures included the creation of a competency test for pilots, and this is set to come into force from November of this year, as anyone owning a drone weighing more than 250g will be required to register it and prove they can handle it. It might soon not be worth the bother of having a fun little toy. [GOV via Guardian]