Hotel Targets the Vegan Pound With Non-Leather Finishes and a Buckwheat Pillow

By Gary Cutlack on at

One particular branch of the Hilton hotel is now offering a full vegan experience, and they're not talking about the types of sausage at breakfast time.

The new suite at the Bankside Hilton in London is full vegan, having been kitted out with entirely vegan finishes, which when you think about it is actually quite hard. Leather bits. Feather pillows. Leopard skin rugs. Tusk horns to toot when you need room service. All of that has to go, replaced by Piñatex fake leather for headboards and buckwheat hulls in the pillows, even going the extra mile by sourcing responsibly-sourced cotton for the carpets.

Your favourite vegan social media influencer is going to have to dig deep to pay for a content-generating evening of animal-kind luxury, though, as the standard price for the top-tier vegan room is £549 per night -- a £50 premium on the Hilton's regular highest-end rooms.

It's all approved by the all-seeing, meat-sensing beings from the Vegan Society, who said: "We're thrilled to see the concept come to life. The hotel has carefully selected different plant-based features with exceptional attention to detail and we're pleased to see that those who live the vegan lifestyle are now able to expand their plant-based options with the opportunity to enjoy vegan travel." [Huffington Post]