HS2's First London Building is a Mystery Cube

By Gary Cutlack on at

The only way we'll see inside this HS2 building is by either working for the company or relying on the breaking and entering skills of a dick on YouTube, as it's not a station. It won't sell coffee or pasties. It's a vent. A lovely new vent.

HS2 says this is the first physical thing to be built that'll signpost HS2's presence in London, with the substation and vent shaft replacing an older, less glam version in Euston. Look, it's so exciting a cube that people will stand around looking at it, imagining why it's there, taking photos of it and trying to think of something funny to say about it. It'll use 13,000 glazed terracotta tiles to give it a shiny look, taking inspiration from London Underground stations of old that have covered themselves inside and out with the durable tiles, plus there's to be an arty splattering of perforated ones to let the air in, as it is a vent after all.

HS2's London works boss Rob Carr said: "The new vent shaft will be one of the first things we build and it’s important we get it right. I hope this intriguing, functional and contemporary design will be welcomed by all those who live, work and travel through Euston." [GOV]