Huawei's New Year Tweet Came From An iPhone

By Holly Brockwell on at

Twitter recently brought back the ability to see which platform a tweet was sent from, and we rubbed our hands with glee at the opportunities for brand tweet shaming.

Tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee has become the de-facto tweet police for this, calling out Samsung for tweeting via iPhone and Apple for tweeting via Android.

Now, the hero we deserve has caught Huawei wishing us all a happy new year from an Apple device:

This is a bigger deal than the others because besides Huawei and Apple being fierce competitors, Chinese tech firms have been reported to confiscate phones from any employee found using an Apple device, or even fire the offender. So it would really not look good for whoever at Huawei was not only not using a Huawei device, but using the enemy's phone instead.

Of course, there's a distinct possibility the tweet came from a PR or advertising agency working on behalf of the brand, but it's still not a good look.

The tweet has of course been deleted and re-posted from Twitter Media Studio since the error was pointed out. Huawei hasn't made any kind of acknowledgement of the mistake, but we reckon someone's had a very bad start to the new year at work.