There's Finally A Google-Endorsed Pixel Repair Service In The UK

By Holly Brockwell on at

Google has announced a partnership with phone repair service iSmash, meaning we finally have a Google Authorised Service Partner in the UK for out-of-warranty Pixel repairs.

We're guessing Google wishes iSmash were called pretty much anything else, since it's clearly intended to appeal to people with smashed iPhones – but it's a well-regarded service and evidently managed to pass whatever stringent standards Google applied.

The partnership means you can get Pixel problems that aren't covered by the warranty fixed at any iSmash walk-in shop in the UK with Google's blessing. There are quite a few, but the vast majority are in London, and none at all in Wales, Ireland or Scotland:

If you can't make it to a shop, you can post it to iSmash's service centre and they'll send it back when it's done. It's still pretty quick, but means you'll be without your phone for days rather than hours – the stores offer while-you-wait repairs, within an hour in some cases. However, some postcodes qualify for a courier service where they'll pick up and drop off your fixed phone the same day.

All generations of Pixel are covered, and services include screen repair, battery replacement, diagnostics and so on. Screen repair prices range from £109.99 for a Pixel to £269.99 for a Pixel 3XL, while battery replacements are all £59.99.

Julian Shovlin, founder and managing director at iSmash, comments:

"It’s an exciting time for iSmash as we continue our rapid expansion across the UK, and partnering with Google further highlights the attractive proposition we continue to offer consumers.

This partnership will continue to value customers’ needs above all else, and will aim to provide them with a professional, reliable and convenient service."

Reading this through a smashed Pixel screen? You know what to do.