It's Lego Star Wars' 20th Anniversary This Year, and There Are Special Sets on the Way

By Tom Pritchard on at

It may be surprising to hear that Lego Star Wars didn't exist until 1999. Lego itself was founded 87 years ago, and the humble bricks turn 61 this year. But until The Phantom Menace the two had never come together. Since this year is 2019 it means Lego Star Wars is about to turn 20, and to celebrate it looks like Lego is releasing a bunch of special anniversary sets.

Each set comes with an updated version of a classic Lego Star Wars vehicle, plus a bunch of exclusive stuff like exclusive minifigures that retain the yellow faces that have been scrapped from recent licensed brands. Let's take a look at what's coming (via The Brothers Brick):

Boba Fett's Slave I

A new version of this ship was inevitable now that the UCS version has been discontinued. This one looks to be the same scale as the 2006 and 2010 versions of the ship, albeit with an updated design. Thankfully it's a lot better than the original 2000 version, which is incredibly dated these days.

Build Boba Fett’s personal Slave I starship and travel with him through the LEGO Star Wars galaxy in search of fugitives! Grab the handle and fly him around. Pull the triggers to fire the spring-loaded shooters. Load Han Solo trapped in carbonite into the hold and deliver him to collect your payment. It’s another exciting day in the life of a bounty hunter!

Inside you have minifigures of Boba Fett, Zuckuss, 4-LOM, and Han Solo with or without carbonite. The special anniversary minifigure is Princess Leia, with a special plinth. This one is set to cost $120, with UK pricing TBA.


The UCS Snowspeeder is on its way out, and since the original snowspeeder set was released back in 1999 this one makes quite a bit of sense - even if the ship itself isn't nearly as iconic as the X-Wing or TIE Fighter.

Sound the alarm, Echo Base is under attack! Win the Battle of Hoth with Luke and Dak Ralter in their amazing LEGO Star Wars Snowspeeder from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Speed over the ice and launch the spring-loaded shooters. Then fire the rear stud shooter and harpoon with string. On the ground, help the Rebel Trooper take aim and fire the gun tower stud shooter. Those Imperials must be defeated.

With it we have a rebel defence turret, minifigures of Luke Skywalker, his doomed co-pilot Dak Ralter, and a random Hoth rebel trooper. The special minifigure is Lando. The price is $40, UK pricing TBA.

Anakin's Podracer

Surprisingly, despite how maligned The Phantom Menace has become, there have been at least two other versions of Anakin's podracer - the most recent version arriving back in 2011. The new version isn't too dissimilar to that, though it's clearly had some upgrades as we would all expect from any re-release.

Speed to victory in Anakin’s Podracer! Sit young Anakin Skywalker in the cockpit and lower his goggles ready for the race. Then fire up the huge engines, grab the play handle and zoom through canyons of Tatooine… or your living room! With Anakin at the controls, victory is yours!

Inside you get Padme and Anakin minifigures, the latter of which has those stumpy legs the smaller characters get. The commemorative minifigure is Luke in his rebel pilot outfit, and his lightsaber. This one is $30, and UK pricing is still TBA

Clone Scout Walker

An odd choice, for sure, since this set originally hails from 2005 and didn't really make much of a name for itself. Other than the fact it was obviously supposed to be an early version of the AT-ST from Return of the Jedi.

Protect the Wookiee warrior with the armored Clone Scout Walker! Sit the Kashyyyk Trooper in the seat of the armored AT-RT Walker and stride in battle. Turn and fire the stud shooter before the Dwarf Spider Droid destroys the trench with its own stud shooter. The Clone Army must win at all costs!

Inside the set you also get a battle droid, a random wookiee, a camouflaged Scout Trooper, and a Dwarf Spider Droid turret. The special minifig is Darth Vader. This costs $30, and UK pricing is still TBA.

Imperial Dropship

You probably won't recognise this ship, because Lego went and made it for themselves back in 2008. But it's back 11 years later to confuse kids about what is and isn't canon once again.

Deploy the troopers with the LEGO Star Wars Imperial Dropship! Load them onto the platform and store their stud blasters for the flight. Then sit the Shadow Trooper in the cockpit, fire up the engines and blast off for another exciting battle against the Rebels!

With it you get three stormstroopers, a Shadow trooper, and a commemorative Han Solo. price-wise this is $20, and UK pricing is still nowhere to be seen.

There's no word on when these are all going to be released, but The Brothers Brick speculates that it's likely to be April. That makes sense, considering the sets were released to coincide with Episode I's May release, and it's not like Lego to squander such an opportunity.